Danube Day 2019 in Moldova

Danube Day 2019

At the centre of 2019's Danube Day events in Moldova was the Folc Festival in the village of Djurdjulesti located just on the confluence of the Prut and Danube.

Some 100 artists were involved in different concerts and performances at Folc Festival – along with over a 1,000 onlookers and school pupils – all celebrating the folk traditions of the region through dance, song, and art.

Ambassadors of the EU countries as well as central and local authorities outlined importance of the cooperation in the Danube river basin on international and regional level for improvement of the Danube basin management as well as quality of environment. They also mentioned different projects implemented in Moldova in cooperation with the EU and within the framework of regional initiatives. One key objective was also to attract the attention of the general public to the state of the Prut river and involvement of people in public activities on nature protection in the region.

Other activities included the presentation of some 50 artworks for the Danube Art Master competition, plus a bike tour along the Prut river, from Ungheni to its confluence with the Danube (around 220 km).

Further Information

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To find out about Danube Art Master in Moldova, please contact: Elena Scobioala of the Ecological Movement of Moldova on +373 22 232 408; mematmem [dot] md (subject: Danube%20Art%20Master) ; alecu [dot] renitaatyahoo [dot] com (subject: Danube%20Art%20Master) .

For other Danube Day events, please contact: Dumitru Drumea at ddrumea559atgmail [dot] com (subject: Danube%20Day%20in%20Moldova) .

For more information about the Danube Connects project within the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, please email the project at danube [dot] connectsatmdrc [dot] gov [dot] md (subject: Danube%20Day%20in%20Moldova) .