Danube Day 2019 in Croatia

Danube Day 2019

The Danube Day was celebrated on the Croatian banks of the Danube River, where Hrvatske vode made its contribution in the form of children’s education. Educational materials entitled “Hrvatske vode for the youngest“ were presented, consisting of picture books and a workshop for kids. The employees of the country's Main Water Management Laboratory also showed the kids how to perform water analyses - measuring dissolved oxygen and nutrients in water, presented samples of polluted, clean and medium average polluted water. The kids and other visitors could observe aquatic fauna under the microscope as well.

Furthermore, the Danube Day was the appropriate occasion to open the works on the Improvement of the Vuka River and Its Riverbank Area in the Town of Vukovar, from the Vuka confluence with the Danube to the Bobota Canal, in the total value of HRK 6.2 million as the sixth subsection of the total planned investment for the Improvement of the Vuka River and Its Riverbank Area in the Town of Vukovar valued at HRK 57,195,082.81. The works were opened by the General Manager of Hrvatske vode, Mr. Zoran Đuroković, and the Town of Vukovar Mayor, Mr. Ivan Penava.

The Project of improving the Vuka River and its riverbank area aims to facilitate the permanent construction of the flood defence system as well as the establishment of the Vuka River water regime management, both during low water level and high water level periods of the Danube within the Vukovar area.

The entire section included in the Project, i.e. the area along the Vuka River will be highly improved by the addition of new urban content and, along with landscape improvement, enable the inhabitants of Vukovar to use it in a new, more substantial manner in the future.

Further information

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For the latest news, contact Croatia's country coordinators:

Lidija Baras of Hrvatske vode (Croatian Waters) at lidija [dot] barasatvoda [dot] hr. Read more about Danube Day on the website of Hrvatske vode.

Sanja Genzić Jurišević of the Ministry of Environment and Energy at Sanja [dot] GenzicJurisevicatmzoe [dot] hr. See also the ministry's website for information on Danube Day.

For Croatia's Danube Art Master, view the Croatian factsheet or contact Adriana Blažević of Green Osijek on +385 31 565 181; mobile: +385 97 606 9881; zeleniosijekatzeleni-osijek [dot] hr; adrianaatzeleni-osijek [dot] hr.