Danube Day 2019 in Bosnia & Herzegovina

To mark the 6th edition of Danube Day held in 2019, educational workshops were held throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina, aiming to introduce schoolchildren and adults to the plant life, animal life, and diverse habitat of the Danube River. In addition to the year's chief focus of getting 'active for a safer Danube', the event in the country worked to raise awareness about conservation and river protection.

Further information

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For the latest news, please contact:

Nihada Hadžić of the Water Agency for Sava River District on +387 33 726 403; nihada [dot] hadzicatvoda [dot] ba.

Marija Licanin of the Water Agency for Sava River District on +387 52 240 330; mlicaninatvoders [dot] org.

Danube Art Master: Rijad Tikvesa of Ekotim - Association for the Protection and Advancement of Environment, Nature and Health on +387 33 812 515; mobile: +387 61 554 302; ekotimatbih [dot] net [dot] ba; rijadatekotim [dot] net; damatekotim [dot] net.