Danube Day 2018 in Austria

A special exhibition and press event at the Rotunda in the Vienna International Centre celebrates 24 years of international cooperation over the Danube rivers. 
The exhibition highlights 15 years of Danube Day through film and photographs of the thousands of events and tens of thousands of artworks created to mark the day. Pascal Rösler, who traversed 2467 km of the Danube by Stand-up Paddle Board and is featured in a documentary at the event, will take part in a Meet the Press briefing. Read about the event on the ICPDR website or see the exhibition press release.
Opening / Film screening: Wed 4th July; 11:00-13:00
Press event / Pascal Rösler documentary: Thurs 5th July
Exhibition close: Fri 6th July; 13:00

June brought the Danube to Vienna's Stadtpark, where over 1000 children enjoying a day of interactive games, fascinating facts, creatures, crafts and competitions. Robert Steiner, TV/radio presenter and this year's Danube Day Ambassador, compered the event. You can get a flavour of the day from Danube Day Austria's video and facebook stream. A highlight was the Danube Puzzle Race. Children raced around the stalls to complete 17 eco activities - solving puzzles and collecting stamps and goodies - to become champions. They heard about aspects of Danube life, with information on the 14 countries, Danube careers, and the creatures that depend on our rivers. You could try out being an Environmental Officer with Vienna's Open Lab or meet the creatures from the Donau-Auen National Park. The Scouts delivered lots of fun at their water play station; Upper Austria officials helped children build a floodwater protection wall; and the Youth Red Cross explained what to do in an emergency. This was all thirsty work so the chance to mix water cocktails at the Danube Challenge stall was well received!
Date: Wednesday 20th June; 08:00 - 17:00.

If you’re aged 6-18 years and love your rivers, don’t miss the chance to enter this year’s Danube Art Master
competition. The 14-country art extravaganza tasks children to create 3D artworks made from materials found by the river. Alternatively, you can make a 1-minute video on your ideas for sharing and protecting the Danube rivers. The Austrian round of the competition is organised by Jugend-Umwelt_Platform JUMP. View the Austrian factsheet for further details. Creators of the best artworks will go on to the international Danube Art Master final later in the year.
Deadline for entries: Friday 27th July 2018.

Further information

For the latest news, see Austria's Danube Day website, Facebook or contact the national coordinator:

Susanne Brandstetter of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism (Unit for Strategic Communication and Information) at Susanne.Brandstetter@bmnt.gv.at

For news of Austria's Danube Art Master contest, view the Austrian factsheet or contact Angelika Rainer of Jugend-Umwelt_Platform JUMP on +43 1 31304 2011; mobile: +43 650 7333 494.

To see how Vienna celebrated in 2017, check out Austria's Danube Day video. To read about how all the countries celebrated in 2017, see Review 2017. You can also revisit 14 years of Austrian Danube Day celebrations via the general Review page.